Lowongan Kerja Backend Developer di OCTA Infinite Solutions Jakarta Selatan Dki Jakarta

2024-01-25 12:00:23
Lowongan Kerja Backend Developer
Gaji 1,000,000 - IDR 10000000
Perusahaan OCTA Infinite Solutions
Lokasi Jakarta Selatan Dki Jakarta Indonesia
Jenis Pekerjaan Waktu Penuh

Job Qualifications:

* Min. Experience 5 years proven work experience as a Back-end engineer with at least 3 years doing backend in Golang using frameworks (e.g. Gin, Echo, Gorilla, Fiber, etc.).

* Demonstrate experience(s) in working with best practice idioms like clean architecture, SOLID principle, and TDD.

* Proficiency in writing concurrent codes with go routines and channels, along with the necessary sync methods.

* Ability to write a comprehensive set of unit and integration tests.

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  • Pengalaman Minimal 5 Tahun
  • Minimal Sarjana (S1) Atau Lebih Rendah Tergantung Skil
  • Kualifikasi Pelamar Kerja

  • 5 Tahun
  • Lulusan: Sarjana (S1)
  • Umur:
  • Menguasai: Mysql, Sql, Pengembangan Web
  • Jenis Pekerjaan:
  • OCTA Infinite Solutions

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