Loker Flight Attendant B737 Banten di PT Airfast Indonesia

2023-11-07 10:28:40
Lowongan Kerja Loker Flight Attendant B737
Gaji 1,000,000 - IDR 10000000
Perusahaan PT Airfast Indonesia
Lokasi Banten Indonesia
Jenis Pekerjaan Waktu Penuh

Persyaratan Lowongan Kerja


Thank you for your interest in AIRFAST Indonesia.

Our family has been in the business for 50 years; engaging in various types of missions ranging from bush flying to corporate executive charter. In early days of its establishment, AIRFAST progressively gained reputation by delivering services in ways that many other operators were not able to provide.

We started out as a small helicopter operator serving various oil and gas as well as mining industry. Our evolution over the decades has brought us many opportunities to work alongside clients from different industrial backgrounds, both big and small. It is from these experiences that we were fortunate to learn from our past shortcomings and strive to become better. Much alike to the power of human resources that we possess, AIRFAST continues to evolve in practicing flexibility to meet the needs of changing environment.

Since the very beginning our core principle has been to become a pioneer that would pave ways and bring mutual benefits for the betterment and development of the aviation industry. Promise low, deliver high - has been AIRFAST's way of thinking when it comes to providing services to our customers. All for the interest of appraising safety, legality, and quality at their best.

AIRFAST is built upon the common belief in safety and passion of aviation industry shared across every personnel in the company, which makes it a strong foundation that benefits both AIRFAST and our clients.

We invite you to explore further on our history, culture and capabilities.

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Kualifikasi Pelamar Kerja

  • Sains
  • pegawai (non
  • Lulusan: Sma, Smu/smk/stm, Sertifikat Professional, D3 Diploma, D4 Diploma, Sarjana S1
  • Umur:
  • Menguasai:
  • Jenis Pekerjaan:
  • PT Airfast Indonesia

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