Lowongan Kerja Health Data Analyst di Asuransi Astra di Jakarta Selatan

2023-11-21 17:08:21
Lowongan Kerja Health Data Analyst
Gaji 1,000,000 - IDR 10000000
Perusahaan PT Asuransi Astra
Lokasi Jakarta Selatan DKI Jakarta Indonesia
Jenis Pekerjaan Waktu Penuh

Data Analyst will handle big data in health business and be responsible to calculate & analyze data from health business in insurance industry. They will provide and present the findings that they found based on the data. They also need to suggest an evaluation or improvement based on the data that they found to clients/relevant department.

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  • Bachelor's Degree Graduate: Statistics
  • Minimum have an experience in health/insurance industry for 1 years
  • Fresh graduate are welcome (Have an internship experiences in related fields min. 6 months)
  • Have an excellence skills in analysis & judgement
  • Have a good communication skills
  • Understood statistics tools such as SPSS/Program R/Phyton
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